99: Making Genre Pictures in Canada: with RKSS and Jameson Parker

99: Making Genre Pictures in Canada: with RKSS and Jameson Parker

In our run up to our 100th episode, Becky introduces a new component to the show called, RCMPodcast: Independent Investigations. This series will take a deeper look at filmmakers and their movies, both Canadians and other nationalities working in Canada.

Fesh off their time at Sundance, Becky chats with the filmmakers RKSS and the producer Jameson Parker about their whole career to date, including their new film Summer of '84.

Chronologically discussing their whole filmmaking careers to date, we chat about genre filmmaking in Quebec and finding a place in English-speaking Canada, the glory of Godfrey Ho, their time at Sundance, dressing a Canadian city as 80's period America, and their unique directorial style.

For our filmmaking listeners, producer Jameson Parker fills you in on what producers are looking for in their projects and how to catch their attention. 

This week's end credit music is composed by Le Matos.

Check out Summer of '84 in theatres starting August 10th 2018, and on VOD/iTunes ever after.

On this week's show

François Simard, Anouk Whissell, and Yoann-Karl Whissell are Montreal- based filmmakers and co-founders of the writer/director triforce RKSS. François Simard and Anouk Whissell studied traditional animation in school, and Yoann-Karl Whissell has a background in theatre arts. Their debut feature—the critically acclaimed TURBO KID, premiered at Sundance in 2015, launching a very successful festival run and winning 24 awards worldwide (including the SXSW’s Audience Midnighters Award, BiFan’s Best Directors, Sitges’ Carnet Jove for Best Feature and Best Original Soundtrack, as well as a Saturn Award for Best International Film.) Through TURBO

KID, the trio thriving on passion, has successfully touched the hearts of all generations far beyond the genre and cult fans. This year, they have the great honor to be returning to Sundance, where it all started, for the World Premiere of their second feature entitled SUMMER OF ‘84

Jameson Parker is a producer, director, and award-winning actor who started Whiskaye Films with David Kaye while attending The University of British Columbia’s BFA in Acting Program.

He has directed music videos for local and international artists and his video for Fake Shark Real Zombie’s single ‘Girls’ can be seen on Much Music. In 2014 he directed THE PRICE IS PRECISE, a sketch written by 3 time Canadian Comedy Award Winning sketch duo Peter N’ Chris for internet comedy giant CollegeHumor.

On film he can be seen in THE PARTY NEVER STOPS (Lifetime Television), and as a lead in Terry Miles’ upcoming film EVEN LAMBS HAVE TEETH.

In 2015, he served as an Associate Producer on the made-for-TV-movie THE MECHANICS OF LOVE for Pixl starring Shanae Grimes and Tyler Hynes.

Currently Jameson is an Executive Producer on WHITE NINJA, the first narrative series developed for Vine, starring Paul Scheer, as well as directing 5 episodes for the series. He is also producing and story editing the half hour sketch comedy pilot THE PETER N’ CHRIS SHOW with Don Ferguson Productions that is currently in network development with Paul F. Tompkins attached as a Creative Consultant. Most recently he completed photography on Whiskaye Films’ first feature film: PRODIGALS, on which he produces and stars alongside David Alpay, Sara Canning, Tiio Horn, and Brian Markinson.

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