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8: Men With Brooms (2002) with Jim Armstrong

Actor Jim Armstrong joins Becky and Cam to discuss the 2002 small town Ontario quintessential curling film “Men with Brooms”. Find out the REAL rules of curling, what Paul Gross’ biggest challenge in his directorial debut was, and what amalgamation of other Canadian films reminds us of this one. It’s tasteless jokes and wholesome heart all the way! 

4: My Bloody Valentine (1981) with Alex Nursall

Writer/Illustrator/Artist Alex Nursall joins Becky and Cam to discuss the 1981 Nova Scotia set-and-filmed Slasher extravaganza". For Quentin Tarantino’s favorite slasher film, We ask the hard hitting questions, like, what traumas do you face growing up in a mining town, why can’t grown-ass adults not party for ONE day, and most importantly, we find out how Cam is this week. Thank you all for asking.