About Us

We all know Canada has great movies. But what's the best way to find the good stuff? That's why the Royal Canadian Movie Podcast stands on guard for Canadian film. Each week co-hosts Becky Shrimpton and Cameron Maitland invite filmmakers, actors, comedians, musicians, writers and theorists, to choose a Canadian film they love and want to share. We research, discuss, review, and summarize the films with wit, mirth and pith. Cam, Becky and their guests help listeners find the weird, the award winning, and the wilds of Canadian Film.

Cam Maitland

Cam is a writer, filmmaker and movie fan. He believes every movie artistically captures a unique moment in history and has an interesting story to tell. He is young enough to have missed the golden age of cinema but old enough to still own a VCR.

Cam writes for the Hollywoodsuite.ca and you can find him hosting film events all around Toronto. Follow him on Twitter to find out all the cool stuff happening this weekend, or check out his Instagram for his great movie reviews.

Becky Shrimpton

Becky is a writer, actor, and a consumer of an absurd amount of media. You'll hear her voice in bunch of commercials, video games and animations, and if you watch YTV you've probably heard her trying to sell things to children and adults with disposable income.

You can check out her website, or follow her Twitter. She's not as active as Cam is, but she does retweet a lot of old film photography and funny goat pictures...if that's your thing.